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Website design and development

New Website Design

We'll work with any ideas you have to develop a fantastic web presence for your business, in-keeping with your present business branding. Website design is our speciality, and we take great pride in creating great looking websites which serve two main purposes; firstly to attract visitors to the site from a variety of sources, and then secondly, to provide the information and feel-good required to help ensure a sale or inquiry for your goods or services.

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Website Upgrades

If you have an existing website which is old or simply not performing as it should then a new website may not be necessary. Contact us about getting a website upgrade. We can check out your existing website and suggest an upgrade plan to put the fizz back into your site, as well as discussing alterations with the aim of achieving great search engine rankings.


We have over 20 years of experience with computer technology, including NZ Computer Software Engineering qualifications and almost a decade of experience with website design and search engine workings.


We develop our websites using a content management framework (CMF). This is a development and management platform which allows us to create fast and functional sites with the facility for clients to make content updates themselves. You no longer need to wait to have updates completed - you can upload images from your digital camera or PC right into your websites image gallery, alter text, and change information in real time, easily. If you can use a word processor, you can update website content.


Clear and concise website navigation (page links) are an essential element of a well designed website. We place emphasis on creating user-friendly navigation bars (like the one on this website for example) to assist the user in moving easily from page to page.


We can create website forms for your website. Automatic form data checking can be incorporated to ensure the user has filled in the required fields, their email address is in the correct format and so on. If errors are detected helpful hints are provided to the user to assist in correction. The results of the forms are automatically and instantly emailed to you.


Many websites, especially tourism related sites incorporate a guest book so visitors can leave interesting comments. If you'd like a guestbook on your website that is no problem!

Search Engine design

Another essential aspect of good website development is the designing of pages to both look great and be search engine friendly. Well designed websites have keywords and content strategically placed to help ensure top search engines rankings. Having a website is pointless if your clients can't find it.

This aspect of web design is an art in itself, so we've got a page of information dedicated to it - check it out here.

Browser support

Many people think Internet Explorer is the only browser (program for viewing websites). But believe it or not, there are over 100 different browsers and browser versions available and they all render (display) pages slightly differently. A staggering number of websites render badly on browsers and platforms other than a Windows PC running Internet Explorer, and some are completely unreadable.

However, you can ensure your website displays consistently well on all computers by purchasing a properly designed standards-compliant website, which is tested on many different browsers and platforms. We test all our sites on both Windows and Linux machines, running an assortment of browsers from Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, 10 and 11 and Mozilla Firefox (for Windows and Linux operating systems) and Google Chrome, to the lesser known Konqueror and Safari (for Linux and Apple Mac computers).

Mobile Devices

Apple iPhones and iPads started a revolutions in mobile "on-the-go" web browsing, allowing users to search for information pretty much anytime, anyplace. Since the iRevolution Googles has powered onto the scene with their sweet Android operating system, which now runs the majority of tablets and phones on the planet.

Both the Apple and Android systems bring with them new challenges for web developers. And as the mobile market share increases it is increasingly important to have a mobile-capable website.

Try this website out on your mobile device and see how it changes it's layout and formatting to automatically cater for the smaller screen. Menus completely change their design to ensure they remain functioanal, images automatically resize and side panels magically wrap below the main page content to ensure readibility. This site uses both is "responsive" and "adaptive" techniques to ensure it is not only mobile compatible but looks great on any device from the smallest smartphone to the newest PC widescreens.


We can create database driven websites using the amazing mySQL database and utilising PHP scripting language. If you have a large number or products or listings then databases are a fantastic tool for sorting and displaying all the data.

CSS, PHP and Javascript

Javascript and PHP scripting languages are two extra tools we utilise to help create user-friendly websites. These languages are especially useful in creating website forms with error checking, and other aspects of web design which normal HTML code just can't handle. Add to that our knowledge of CSS for adding structure to coding and extra little effects to your site and you're on-track for a great Internet presence.


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